Bombay Coffee House

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What is Bombay Coffee House?

Bombay Coffee House is an elegant coffee shop which serves a variety of coffees, savouries, hot meals and breakfast all day as well as a fully functioning patisserie. What makes this venture unique from the tens of other coffee shops is that Bombay Coffee House has the ability to serve you a wholesome hot meal along with a unique blend of coffee.

What was the Challenge?

With the presence of many other food outlets in and around Bandra, posed another challenge for BCH. To stand out from the competition and to ensure the venture would prosper, BCH needed some serious marketing efforts to reach out to their target audience and establish themselves as a household brand.

How did Patronus help?

In 2017, we came on board to strengthen the brand of Bombay Coffee House and increase their existing customer base along with increasing the brand reach and awareness. The menu of BCH helped us, with a mixture of different cuisines and comfort food dishes. We exploited these ideas in our marketing campaigns on Social Media. The communication for BCH was designed around how their coffee is different from other big names present. We developed a brand identity via social media and engaged with followers and shared their content encouraging them to engage with our brand. Apart from the Social Media Marketing, we organised many events at BCH, got the outlet featured in various Bollywood movies and web series.


Today, Bombay Coffee House is the go-to place for people in Bandra and Fort in spite of the existing competitors. This is due to the impactful marketing campaigns we have conducted along with the unique position of Bombay coffee house being an all day eatery along with a conventional coffee house.

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